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Tim Haw is a Chartered Structural Engineer with many years experience in modern and traditional French properties. He lives and works in northern Dordogne covering Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes, Limousin, Midi-Pyrlénees and further afield if required.

Versineer offers a personal and bespoke service taylored to your needs and requirements. We respond to enquiries within 24 hours and follow this with a written offer.

Versineer prides itself on offering innovative and cost effective solutions to structural problems.

Pre-Purchase Survey

A pre-purchase survey puts you in a position to discuss the implications of purchase with the vendor or tradesmen and to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase.

We provide a survey with a verbal report on site or by telephone, enabling a full discussion regarding your proposed purchase.

Clients are often unsure whether a written report will be required until they have had the results of the survey. Therefore in order to give our client flexibility we price for the written report separately in the offer.

In addition to reporting any defects found, our reports will include guidance on the implications of the defects and will suggest remedial actions.

Our offers for pre-purchase surveys are made on a fixed fee basis, with no additional charges.

Structural Survey

A structural survey may be required for a number of reasons, typically:

In the case of damage we determine the cause and implications of the damage. We will then discuss with you the various possible solutions in order that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed, based on your preferences, taste and budget.

A written report of the survey can be provided, as well as calculations and drawings for any works that may be required.

Our offers for structural surveys are usually made on a fixed fee basis, with no additional charges. A further offer would be made for any designs or drawings required following the survey; see the Structural Calculations and Drawings section below for further details.

Structural Designs, Calculations and Drawings

For all your structural engineering needs, whether;

We provide designs which are tailored to your requirements and sympathetic to the building. Therefore our designs take the many variables into account; for example, the aesthetics, the builders ability and the availability of equipment and materials, to give cost effective solutions. We will often provide alternative solutions to give our clients and their builders the option to use the solution most suited to their requirements.

For the larger and more complicated projects Tim's understanding of structural mechanics and his flair for seeing both conventional and unconventional solutions to the design requirements, often result in buildings that are closer to the clients wishes and for a lower cost that would otherwise have been the case.

Get a quote

In order for us to give you a quote for your project please email the following information to

Please provide as much information as reasonably possible. We will then phone you to discuss your requirements in more detail, after which we will email a written offer.

Alternatively call either of the numbers above.

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